Be Sunsible Program - Be Sunsible – Protecting Outdoor Workers

The Be Sunsible Program

The Be Sunsible program provides guidance on how to develop and implement a sun safety program that meets your organization’s needs. In this section, you will find a step-by-step guide that will help you to protect your outdoor workers and your business.

Planning for a Supportive Workplace Environment

Understand the role that the 5 Pillars play in creating a sun safety supportive environment and think about how you can act in these strategic areas.

Carry-out an Assessment

Identify, review and discuss all the potential UVR hazards that my affect your workforce and prioritize areas for action.

Develop an Action and Evaluation Plan

Develop a logical action plan that outlines steps to: implementing administrative and engineering controls and personal protective equipment; conducting training and creating awareness; and; develop comprehensive sun safety policies. Then, think about how you will measure the positive sun safety changes in your workplace.

Implement and Continually Improve Your Program

Mobilize resources, implement and communicate your program activities—and make sure you maintain momentum! Ensure that you are also measuring and sharing the positive changes occurring in your workplace.

Workplace Benefits of a Sun Safety Program:

  • Increased awareness of what a supportive environment for sun safety looks like.
  • Increased understanding of sun safety hazards and control measures.
  • Increased awareness of what a comprehensive policy could look like.
  • Customized sun safety action and evaluation plan.
  • Ideas and strategies for implementation and continuous improvement.


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